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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Health Benefits Of Mountain Homesteading

Check out the latest blog about the health benefits of mountain homesteading. It is at


Mary Dooley said...

I just saw your post on Mother Earth News. We live in the Wet Mountains between Westcliffe and Canon City. I am 69, soon to be 70, and several of our neighbors are also older. We help each other out when needed and are there for each other. That's the way of life in the mountains. How far are you from Westcliffe?
Mary Dooley

Bruce said...

Hi Mary: We live south of where you are located and about 35-40 miles from the N.M. border on the same side of the state. We used to camp up by the Westcliffe/Silvercliffe area and it is beautiful in your neck of the mountains. Our most favorite place to eat pizza is in Silvercliffe.
Unfortunately our community is not as friendly as the one you live in and more replicates politics these days. People do not help their neighbors as we wished they would but we have adapted and adjusted and are able to do most of what we need to have done ourselves so I write my blogs from that perspective.
When we moved here 20 years ago we thought we were moving into a community where we would share labor, help our neighbor, garden produce that we grew but that was not the case - sadly.
I have avoided writing about our community because of that aspect but I'm glad you reside in a community that is much more normal.