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Monday, March 20, 2017

Providing For Feathered Friends

We like to feed the birds over winter when food is scarce for them. Currently we have mountain chickadees, juncos, hairy woodpeckers, rosy finches, stellar jays and a few others. We feed them sunflower seeds and so far this winter we have gone through 200# of seed. We enjoy having our little feathered friends around and enjoy their antics.  When the chickadees run out of seed they will come perch on the window sill and look in at us until we go out and give them more seed. The hairy woodpecker will start hammering on the house to let us know he needs food. When he does this it drives the dogs nuts as in a small cabin it is very loud.
They are entertaining and when the snow is gone and the bugs start to come out they help control our insect population so we derive some benefit from feeding them. We have already seen robins and blue birds at lower elevations. Soon the snow will be gone and they will disperse but still they hang around the house. We have created good habitat for them and they nest in the trees around the house and in some cases on the house. If this warm weather continues it won't be long before the hummingbirds and song birds return.  Last year we had over 50 hummingbirds and when they run out of nectar they do have attitude. They will dive bomb me and often I can feel their wings brush my face.

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