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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

No More Falling Downstairs For Echo

When the power went out Echo tried to come downstairs and ended up falling and ran up a sizable vet bill for his soft tissue injury. If he can't get upstairs he won't be falling downstairs. We had an extra panel from the screen that goes around the wood stove so I did a little modification and made the gate out of the spare panel. I have a spring attached that makes it a self closing gate. No more spiral staircase accidents and injuries for Echo now.

Above is Echo wearing his improvised whiplash collar. His neck has healed now so it is finally off and he can move more freely. That collar ended up giving him just enough support to be able to lay down and rest. Before the collar he paced all day; would try to lay down but couldn't, and panted from the pain and apprehension. With the gate up he should not have to go through that experience again.

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