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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ouch And Urp

 It has been tough around here the past two days. First our girl Sarah (bottom photo) has a final diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Her Dr. wanted to put her on water pills for a week before starting her on heart medication. She did not tolerate the water pill very well and yesterday threw up her breakfast and lunch, partly digested. We called her Dr. immediately and he had us take her off the water pills and started her on the heart medication.
Then last night the power went out briefly and I got up to go fetch the oil lamp for some light in the house. Echo was upstairs and tried to come down when he heard me moving around. He couldn't see the steps and fell down the spiral staircase. We were waiting for his doctor to arrive at the clinic and he was diagnosed with a neck soft tissue injury. He is now on two pain killers but can't seem to lay down comfortably and has obvious pain. Mope's all over the house, can't handle stairs, tail between legs and he looks pathetic. We feel so bad for him and his recovery is suppose to take a week.
Our electric will go out for a moment and then come back on a few minutes later. That happened last night and Echo couldn't see and fell. Two weeks ago the same thing happened to Carol. The electric coop is coming next week to see what is wrong with our system as this should not be happening.

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