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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Power Outages

A week ago Friday we had a snow storm that measured 15" and lost power for 13 hours.  Then last Wednesday we had another storm that measured 13" and lost power for 5 1/2 hours. Then last night we had a storm that left 10" of snow and lost power for 13 1/2 hours. In all our time living here we never have lost as much power as in the past week. Not sure what is going on but that doesn't count the short outages in that time span. Hopefully the Electric Co-op will tell us what is going on and if this in now the new normal.


Bea said...

Oh my, that sounds really awful. I hope that this will be the last snow for this season. I admire your tenacity.

Bruce said...

Thank you Bea for your concern. We are experiencing more outages than usual but to the East of us a few miles there are some who have been without power for much longer.
If it stays out to long we have a generator that we can use to keep the food cold and frozen. We have a porta-potty for bodily needs and we have a oil lantern, candles etc for light. Without appliances running it is nice and quiet and our stove is a propane Caloric four burner. We do quite well as long it is doesn't last more than a few days. Our house is small and heated with a wood stove and we keep the pipes from freezing in the basement with a small propane heater. We are actually pretty well equipped to deal with the outages and thanks for your concern.
Our last snow usually occurs sometime in late May or early June so we have much more to deal with.

Lee Sowers said...

I imangine the quite gets old quick BUT, I would consider a couple hours of what you describe as priceless. Very few people get to experience that in today's world.