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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Back when we had the shell of our cabin built the builder put in a traditional staircase. Where you see the "baby gate" should have been a closet under the stairs. However, the stairs went right to the wall you can see by the chair and then made a turn to come down to the floor. If we were only 3 feet tall it would have been fine! We were living in PA at the time so we drove over to the Philly area to pick up all of the pieces for this spiral staircase at and drove it out here in the back of our pick up truck. After we assembled it Bruce covered the stairs with carpeting and voila! We had a way to get to the sleeping loft.

We have had two dogs prior to Echo who navigated the stairs with no trouble and when they got old and knew they couldn't go up and down, they quit doing so. Of the 4 dogs we have right now Echo is the only one that is interested in getting up to the loft but after his fall the other night when the electricity was off and it was pitch black in our cabin, we have decided to block it off so that he won't go up and down any more.

Right now the gate prevents him from doing so....but Bruce is going to put his wood working skills to use and construct a door that will swing towards the hallway. That way when we come down from the loft we won't have to step OVER the gate!

We will post pics when the door is installed.

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