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Friday, May 12, 2017

Another Power Outage

Yesterday at 8:10 A.M. our power went out. It had been out during the night for a couple hours but this time after several hours it did not come back on. We finally had restored power this morning about 26 hours later. We learned that our generator does work for keeping the refrigerator and freezer going so we did not lose any food.

Apparently the heavy snow storm we had took down trees and the linemen were having trouble getting to the breaks caused by the trees due to flooding and road's washed out. We have never in our lifetime had snow as heavy as this latest storm - it was like shoveling wet cement.

We went to Monte Vista this morning for a tractor repair part and noted the creeks flowing well over their banks and running hard. With the 1" of rain coupled with the heavy wet snow it is just to much water for the creeks to carry off. Just another day in the mountains.

After snow like this there are snow bombs that fall off the trees and they can be big and heavy. I was raking the snow off the roof yesterday and got hit by one. Took me some time to get the snow out of my ear where it was packed in tight. If losing around 50+ trees in the high winds about a month ago we lost even more in this heavy snow. The weight was to much for them and the tops broke off of several aspens.

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