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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Let The Springs Burst Forth

 For all the years we have lived here there has only been a handful where springs didn't burst forth from the ground. Top photo is where the spring runs down to the culvert I installed under the driveway. Before this was put in the spring would wash out the driveway up to 2' deep. Now it runs through the culvert to the downhill side of the driveway where it then runs to the deeper ditch and down the road to another culvert where it disperses down the mountain in sheet flow.
 This is the exhaust end of the culvert running under the driveway. It comes out pretty strong. The remainder of the springs run down the driveway in sheet flow.
The last photo is where it comes down the mountain and goes across the ground. We have followed the spring up the mountain where it comes out in a rocky wall. It will run for a couple weeks and then suddenly stop as fast as it starts. We need to keep people off our driveway so they don't make a tire rut where the water will then run and cut a  channel in the driveway.

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