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Monday, May 1, 2017

Mountain Living Lesson #1

 The weather predictions are important when you live at high elevation. Snow was predicted for last Saturday and they believed the accumulation would be 5-9". As it often does this time of year it ended up being 38".
That is a lot of snow but the end of April and the month of May the temperatures fluctuate wildly. They also predicted warm temps after the snow storm passed. If you are not used to this much snow it can be daunting and mild panic can set in.
We are used to it and we let the sun Sunday and today work for us. That snow melted down to 2-6". We did our shopping in town the day before the storm arrived and now all we need do is be patient and wait for it to melt. As can be seen in the photos we could easily get out if needed and since we don't have anywhere to go for a few days all we need do is wait and let the sun do our work for us.
38" to 6" in two days and all we did was shovel a path through the 38" to under the house where the generator is stored if the power went out - which it didn't.
Where we shoveled the path and shoveled out the back yard for the dogs it is mostly bare ground now and all thanks to old Sol....

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