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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vibrant Green

 The leaves are out on the aspen trees and it rained last night so this morning the greens are vibrant. I don't think my camera can capture the green but hopefully these photos will show a small portion of it.

 The hummingbirds are out early today and I couldn't get a photo of the other feeder as it was completely full of birds but they fly off when I try to get a photo.
Our driveway is 100 yards long and adjacent to the Jeep in the photo the springs are still running so the driveway stays wet there and has 5 spots that are soft and mushy. I had back bladed the driveway to make it smooth so when it dried out it would be even and hard again. Yesterday when we woke up we discovered that someone had come up the driveway (tire tracks) and gone past the Jeep almost to the house and then turned around in the wide area and driven off. Since November we have had three vehicles on our road and two were known to us.

When we went down the road we discovered someone had turned around in our neighbors driveway too.  As we went further down the road we discovered several places where someone had been turning around.

We do not get much traffic on our road and especially at night. In fact only one person has come to the house at night in 20 years who got stuck in the snow about a half mile away. Our friends always call first and to find tracks in the driveway is of great concern to us. It is of concern to us as uninvited intruders (the property is posted no trespassing) could end up being shot for prowling around at night. In 20 years no one has ever done this but we are always cautious as we are pretty isolated. It is pretty scary that people would sneak up to your house in the middle of the night who were trespassing.

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