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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fordham University, New York City.

One of the true joys in my life is being able to donate firewood to LaPuente in Alamosa, CO. Several times a year the volunteers from Americorp that are assigned to LaPuente bring groups from all over the country to cut, haul, load and carry off firewood for those in the valley. Today Nick (front right with the chain saw) brought 12 students from Fordham University and each time he brings a group of volunteers I think there can't be any greater and harder working young people anywhere. Then there was today and here I go again. Some outstanding young people who were such a delight to be with. In fact as they drove away down the road I was missing them already. I think I'll be missing this group for quite a while. I believe standing behind Nick is Cat who is with LaPuente but I don't know what her job title is but hope to find out on their next trip here.

They came all the way across our country to cut fire wood for people they didn't even know. If all the younger generation is like those LaPuente brings out then we old folks can rest easy as our future and theirs is in very capable hands.

We see on the news, read in the newspapers all the evil in the world and then I get to spend a few hours with young people with a good work ethic, a good heart to volunteer to help others and I will sleep good tonight not so much from the hard work but knowing our futures are in very capable hands. We have been doing this for many years now - providing dead trees - and each group seems to eclipse the last. From the junior high school youngsters to the college students to the seniors in their 70-80's, these are people of compassion, integrity, and a giving spirit.

Nick also brought along a most pleasant young man named Danny (not in the photo), as he was doing a video taped documentary of the firewood project for LaPuente. What a privilege to be able to contribute to the documentary. Danny was very professional and I'm sure when he finishes the documentary and it gets posted on the web site that it will draw many more outstanding volunteers into their worthy programs.

As readers look at the photo on top - take the time to look at each face - I think you will see as I do a secure and bright future for our country. Some truly outstanding young people who no doubt have great things ahead of them.........

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