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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dealing With Senior Dogs

Our dogs are all senior with the oldest (Sarah above) being 13 years old and the youngest being 7 years old. The other two are both 10 years old. With becoming senior comes predictable ailments. When we go into a physician we can usually describe what is causing us problems but our dogs are not able to do that so we must be very observant to see they are treated properly. Recently and suddenly Sarah did not want to climb the two stairs leading into the house. It took some sleuthing work but we finally figured out that she may have been stepped on at night.

She sometimes likes to sleep on the bed in front of the couch that Bozwell is on. We concluded that she was sleeping there when either he or Echo got down and stepped on her. It could also be a combination of arthritis and injury. When we figured it out we contacted our veterinarian who suggested we give her arthritis medication and also give her a Rimadyl 100 mg. per day. The transformation was almost immediate and remarkable. She was back to her old self and eating well again. We believe she had both injury and arthritis and now she is on Duralactin and Cosequin DS as recommended. She now hops up on the couch and bed without any hesitation. She is also on Enalapril 10 mg, two times a day for her congestive heart failure.

Bozwell also has arthritis and the Duralactin/Cosequin DS (double strength), plus wild Alaska salmon oil capsules and oregano once daily, The salmon oil and oregano are for skin health and a stronger immune system. Carol tells me that when I prepare their meals three times a day that I look like a chemist with all the ingredients for each dog individually. In addition to kibble they get chunky beef and gravy. We were told Bozley was a poor eater when we adopted him but he gets his special combination also and it turns out he is a wonderful eater.

In summary our dogs are unable to speak regarding what ails them but close observation will generally give a clue. They need to be able to live out their senior years in healthy and happy lifestyle. These treatments give them the desired pain free mobility they need to have that life.

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