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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Antlion

 The antlion stays hidden most of its life but you know it is there because of the funnels it makes (see top photo). Insects (especially ants) walk along the edge of the funnel and fall into the trap and slowly end up in the bottom where the antlion is waiting for a meal. The funnel or trap is so constructed that as the insect tries to get out its momentum keeps pulling it to the bottom.
In many ways people are like this today. They appear to be nice and friendly but create funnels for the unsuspecting person to fall into. They have personal agendas that do not include you except as a source to feed their ego or build them up while tearing you down. We trusting and unsuspecting people go along and soon find ourselves sliding down the tunnel to someone else's advantage.

Sadly politics today comes to mind. People who are smooth talkers who lure others into their trap of deceit and hate seem to lure trusting people who aren't aware into the trap.

The recent shooting of a congressman at a baseball field comes immediately to mind. The shooter bought into the hate spewed by others who should be above vilifying their opponent. Now some democratic leaders are actually promoting hunting your opponent as an option. Not all people are able to sort out the right from wrong and I see no difference in the terrorists radicalizing unsuspecting or susceptible people and politicians and news media doing the very same. It seems to me that we are no stronger than our weakest link and we should be protecting our weak links and not taking advantage of them for politics sake.

Before anyone feels that this is criticism of one party it is not - both parties contribute to the condition. Anytime anyone from either party alters or skews the facts to fit their agenda instead of for the good of the whole they are players in the antlion feeding effort. Party has no part in the wrong committed as right and wrong are the major components.

Those who spew hate, separation and vengeance need to have their forum restricted but then the owners and managers of these venues are looking for ratings and not integrity. After all ratings and favorable  polls represent $$$$$ to them. In no way is this intended to justify what the ball park shooter did - he made his decision and acted upon it and paid the price which is justified.

We need to be able to disagree with each other civilly without feeling the need to eliminate all opposition. This is simply a rant against what our society has evolved to and a longing for the times when integrity and honesty of reporting was prevalent.

We need to identify and recognize the antlion in our lives and not participate in it just to be at the bottom of the funnel for easy food. I'm not sure how we can go back once we have reached such a stage in civilization that lends itself to the individual and self indulgences. To me seeing where we are headed as a society is darn scary.   Just my opinion.  

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