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Monday, June 12, 2017

Trial Run

Here is the story: I went in two weeks ago to the grocery in Alamosa where we buy our cake donuts and was told by the baker he was instructed not to make any more. He said they were good sellers and often when I have gone in for them they are sold out. I wrote the grocery and some nincompoop wrote me back as Mrs. which is ridiculous. How many Bruce's do you know that are female.

They said they will report my request to the store in question which is a good way of saying - buzz off customer. So I decided to make my own. I watched my mom do it a bunch of times years ago and it didn't seem hard so I downloaded a recipe on the internet and did it myself. I made some mistakes but they taste good so I'll improve on the next batch and so forth.

I take Rx that says to take it with food and since I get up early it seemed to me cake donuts were the ideal food to take my Rx with. I guess I could eat a couple scoops of ice cream but cake donuts won the debate with myself. I found making them wasn't as hard as I thought and when I implement the corrections next time they will be uniform in size and just as tasty. Goodbye national food store chain, I'll make them myself. Just the way us Mrs. Bruce's are I guess - stubborn.....

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