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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Front End Loader Is On.

 FINALLY I got the front end loader attached. Thanks to Paul's comment and one I got by message from Stephen on Facebook I was able to figure it out. Thank you both of you for your help. The hydraulic hoses are all color coded and the two that refused to attach went to the largest hydraulic cylinder on the loader. I had loosened the both those connections to let the pressure off, turned the tractor off so no additional pressure would accumulate, put the control lever in free float to make sure there was no pressure on the unit. When that did not work I loosened all the connections and re tightened them to see if I could get the connections to work. Still to much pressure and after probably 6-7 times I gave up until I got he suggestions which got me to thinking a little differently.
I went out this morning and loosened the connections to the two troublesome hoses and let them remain loose. I then tried the hose connectors and viola they went on just like they should. Then I tightened the loose nuts back and finished hooking it up and it now works again. Thanks to you both for sparking the thought that was necessary to get the loader hooked back up and working.

The loader is a labor saving attachment that cleaned out an area where the dirt collapsed onto the driveway in the spring when the ground was saturated with moisture. It took me a little over 40 minutes to clear it up and if I had to do it by hand with a shovel it would have taken half a day and I would be exhausted at the end.

Now I can spread the rest of the road base in needed areas of the driveway and move some rocks out of the way. Saves my back and also much faster.

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