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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Senior Fur Family

There are special challenges with our fur family members as they become senior. Our Sarah is no exception and has congestive heart failure and arthritis. Getting a balance of Rx for the both of those is an ongoing challenge. We had her arthritis in check and then she started coughing more so we needed to help her get rid of the fluid in her lungs. 
She was prescribed Furosmide as she can't tolerate Lasix. I gave her one Wednesday when I came back from town and one Thursday. We noted Thursday that her limbs were very weak and we thought her arthritis was flaring up. Until I searched the web for side effects.
She had become so weak with just two days of Furosmide that she couldn't get up to drink or go outside to relieve herself. When we realized that muscle weakness was a side effect of this drug we took her off it completely. It stopped her coughing but she was so weak she could not walk or get up the two steps to get water. We carried her water and food to her and now must look for alternative treatment.
Happily today she is returning to normal and could go out and actually took a walk. Prayer has been answered and she is one tough girl. The struggle goes on but she is pretty much restored to her normal self. She went from barely being able to move to her more normal behavior. It is just like a roller coaster with senior fur family members. Up to the heights one day and down in the cellar the next. Sarah is somewhere between 14-15 and like most seniors has her good and bad days. It is good to see the happiness back in her eyes today. Tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring. Going through her senior time is very much like an emotional roller coaster ride, but one in which we want the best for her and to give her end of years quality of life. 

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