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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Life is tough for Flycatchers sometimes. We have had the same family of flycatchers come  back year after year and nest in the same place to raise their young. They always seem to lay three eggs and have been successful in raising their young. I found one that apparently died when it attempted to leave the nest this year and yesterday one flew into the window and subsequently died. I held it for a long time trying to keep it from going into shock but after an hour or two it died due to its injuries.

That leaves one left from the family this year and we are hoping it survives to come back another year. This is the first year we have not had several families of western tanagers nest around the house. I wonder why they didn't come back this year but perhaps life is hard on western tanagers too...

Also our bat population has diminished from 6 to one this year so when the bat migrates to the south it too may not return next year. We love our birds and bats as they keep our fly and insect population in check. Hopefully others will take their place....

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