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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Echo and Skin Cysts

I took Echo in yesterday to have more cysts removed. Some dogs get sebaceous cysts and they don't know why. If left there is a good possibility they will get infected and become even more of a problem. He had 6 cysts removed and 4 tags that were getting bigger. He was in lala land up until be got almost home and what a trip that was. It had rained and the dirt roads were muddy and slippery.
Some tense driving for sure. He is better today and will return to normal in a few days. He is being given pain pills for any pain he may have.
When Bozwell had a tag and hair follicle done last week he came out of the anesthesia with no problem but Echo is in a fog for a couple days. Works differently on different dogs for sure.  

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