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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Crazy Weather

What is going on with our weather. Here in the mountains it is very nice weather and other parts of the country it is single digit and snowing. In the last 16 days we have had 6" of snow and presently the ground is dry and mostly bare. Did I put my summer clothes away to soon??? Probably not as we know we will get snow and cold weather here but the question remains when?? For us this is very different.

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Jonathan Hedman said...

Crazy is the word for it. I live in what would be called southern Maine on the edge of what is called midcoast. We do have cold weather but generally only a few scattered days below zero at night and generally in the 10 to mid twenties during the day. Today we enter the eighth day with below zero at night, -5 to -11 and no higher than 10 degrees in the daytime. We were told last night this wednesday and thursday we may warm to the 20's during the day but then right back to this type of cold for the forseen future. We also have a potential of a heavy snow on thursday. Who knows what will be next.