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Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays

 What every you celebrate may this be a joyous time for you. We started our Christmas day with Echo yelping and crying at 3:00 AM. I had just brought them in from going potty in the back and he was normal and very suddenly his back legs would not work for him. He turns one foot under and they are out of control. We are currently waiting for a call back from the vet so we can meet her at the clinic.
Echo has had numerous problems in the past but this is the worst. I talked to the vet earlier who advised she had two other emergencies to handle and she would call us to meet her when she was done with those. So we are sitting here waiting for her call to get him seen. He is not in pain and we gave him a pain pill and muscle relaxer already which the vet said is the right thing to do. She wants to see him to rule out anything other than a slipped disc however. Echo is very confused that his back legs don't work. He has feeling in them as I tested him for that, which is good. All indications are a slipped disc but we will wait for the vet to confirm or tell us what else it is.

If you are a praying person please pray for Echo and his fast recovery...


Linda said...

this is such worrisome news. i hope you can feel the concern and support from all of us who follow your blog--please keep us updated on Echo's diagnosis and treatment.

Larry Mays said...

Wishing the best for you and Echo he is such a beautiful boy.