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Friday, December 8, 2017

Number Nine

I recently posted 8 things that have gone wrong in the past 6 months and advising we were looking forward to 2018 for a new start. Well 2017 is not over yet and this is number nine. Our Caloric propane gas stove has stopped working. The pilot light is on but the oven burners are not lighting. A repairman from the co-op will charge $75. to make a service call and then if he doesn't have the parts it will be another call and another $75. not including labor if it can even be repaired. New ranges are less than $500.00, so getting repairs could be a trap.

The stove is an old one that has served us well for over 20 years. Carol called Sears and they can have one delivered for less than $500.00, next week. I guess it is time for a new stove. Now to go turn off the gas supply to this one so we don't have any loud surprises.

We are clearly at the point where neither of us will say I wonder what can go wrong now!


Jonathan Hedman said...

generally when the burners do not light, something has interrupted the path from the pilot to the burner. Also the burner has one port that shoots propane down the pilot tube so the the flame came come back to the burner. If the port on the burner became plugged, cooking overflow for instance, its just a matter of pushing a needle through the port to open it again. There have also been cases of spider webs in the the tube that plugs them. The final, the tube fell off(usually little silver tubes about 3/8" in dia. A new stove is always a good idea, but thought you would be interested.

Bruce said...

Thanks Jonathan: Good information. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the stove and realized that I'm not the person qualified to work or repair it. We get our gas through the Co-op and they installed it for us initially. I think we will call them and have them come out and take a look at it - do what is necessary and check the entire system while they are here. I'm sure there is an automatic shut off if the propane feed is disrupted for any reason and that is what shut it down. Hopefully they can repair it and if not we will have to get a replacement that has propane orifices that is suitable for high altitude. I can do most repairs but I don't feel comfortable messing with gas or gas appliances. I'd rather leave that to someone who knows what they are doing.