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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Serenade At Night

Coyote tracks in the fresh snow. They were not there yesterday but came from a 2:18 A.M. serenade this morning. The dogs woke up suddenly as did I when we heard the coyotes yelping and howling in front of the house. An almost full moon serenade in the middle of the night almost on our door step. I finally got up and turned on the front light and spoiled their song to us. When the front lights came on they stopped and left. What they lacked in harmony they gained in volume. At first I thought they may be in the living room it was that close and loud.
From the tracks it appears that they milled around out front until I must have turned on the flood lights. Just another stop on their journey to sing us a song. It also verifies that in the mountains there is no status quo as incidents like this just 'happen' and then are gone again.
If our dear old girl Gypsy was still alive she would have howled back as she was an excellent howler. As it was our three males just looked at each other like what the heck is going on. It was nice that we were one of their stops to receive a serenade regardless of the time.

1 comment: said...

Maybe they were Christmas Caroling. It is the season.

We have a cabin in Wagon creek, closed up for now. I look in on your blog when I am homesick!