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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Finally we are receiving some much needed snow. So far about 12" but the final total is anyone's guess at this point. It is still coming down in those big moisture laden flakes. Since it is snowing outside and the temperature is a steady 20 degrees we decided to make cake donuts inside.
We ended up with 27 donuts (6 on the counter and not in photo) and 27 donut holes. Both Carol and I including our three dogs have sampled them and they are super delicious.

So far we have a foot of new snow which is very much needed for the moisture. Yesterday the ground was bare which is unusual for us. Twenty degrees outside and the snow is still coming down so we decided to stay inside and make donuts. Carol mixes up the dough and I take it from there. Nothing like home made cake donuts to satisfy ones craving.....We will deal with the snow when it stops snowing - probably tomorrow.


Larry Mays said...

are you going to share?? Make sure Echo gets an extra one

Bruce said...

Yes we share. I shared with the three dogs the donut holes. Echo got the bigger one.. That is one of the things I like about dogs - they never say "Mom/dad, he got more than me" "Mom/Dad his piece is bigger than mine"....Parents with more than one child should understand that I think.....