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Monday, January 15, 2018

Frosty Day

 When nature performs her artistry it is always perfect. It has been 21 degrees (F) here today and it has not warmed up much. It was 16 degrees when I woke up this morning but the temperature stopped rising after dawn and has been 21 since. It is also cloudy and there is a light frost in the air. 
 The moisture in the air is sticking to the trees and the intricate art work is beautiful. I spent a few hours outside cooking cowboy breakfast on the wood stove and this was happening while I was out at the picnic area so I got to watch this develop.  It is not often I get to be outside and watch this occur and it is interesting to see develop. 
The aspen trees look like intricate art work and the pine trees close up their needles and then they too are frosted over. It is suppose to go down to 5-6 tonight so we will make sure our firewood box is full as we will need to keep feeding logs into the wood stove overnight. It is cold outside and the chickadees are all fluffed up to keep warm and I am keeping plenty of sunflower seeds out there for them to help stay warm.
I for one have never become complacent in seeing the trees frosted like this and enjoy it more and more each time it happens. Enough to share on our blog.

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