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Monday, January 29, 2018


So far this winter we have put out 180 lbs of sunflower seed for the birds. We need to pick up another 40 lbs this week and by winter end we will probably have fed the birds 300-350 lbs of sunflower seed. We like to target the chickadees and nuthatch but the finches steal most of it and force the target birds away. We have taken the feeders in but the finches still come back in a day or two after we put them out. they come in a flock by the hundreds.

The chickadees are friendly little birds along with the nuthatches and they take one seed and fly off to crack it open eat the contents and then fly back for just one seed. They will perch inches from me when I fill the feeders and when I am out working and they run out of seed they come get me. They are polite, patient and friendly little birds.

Then there are the finches. They crap all over the deck, sunflower seed container, feeders and anything else. They are aggressive and nasty tempered birds. We spend half our day chasing them off but they are  persistent. I have found the best way to get rid of them is put out partially full feeders and let them gorge themselves until they are empty - then they fly off in search of more food and when I'm certain they are gone to refill the feeders for the more courteous birds.

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