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Monday, January 8, 2018

Tree Migration

 Recently I read an article that said trees that are normally on the east coast are slowly migrating west. So far this year we have 48" of combined snow and compared to last year when we had 67", we are slowly falling behind our normal snow pack.
Up until yesterday the ground was bare and only a patch of snow was visible in a few places. We received 3" of fresh snow which has mostly blown away or compacted. When I woke up this morning the temperatures are normally the coldest but it was 33 degrees outside.
The northeast and northern states and all the way down south are in frigid to cold temperatures and here in the mountains where the temperature is suppose to be cold it is just pleasant and windy with balmy 30's.
Very little snow thus far but without question it will come; but I can see the merit to that article that trees are migrating west. Our climate is most certainly changing but whether due to conditions caused by man or nature is beyond me so others can argue the merits of that aspect. I will just enjoy these seasonable conditions while they exist, knowing full well we will get plenty of snow later. 

I am thinking I should get ahead of the curve on this climate change and plant a few palm trees before the price goes up on those trees. Maybe a few dogwood and red bud trees too. Once they migrate to our area the price of those trees will be more expensive so maybe I should get out front of the migration while I can. 

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stratarealm said...

I like your angle on this, preparing for the next phase of the climate can be a good investment:)