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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Who Says Men Can't Multi Task?

Every 4-6 weeks we need to drag our generator out to run it for a few minutes to keep everything lubricated and in working order. We are having nice weather (at least for us) with temperatures hovering around freezing. Today was one of those days when the sky was blue, the wind blowing around 10-20 mph, and a good day to run the generator.

I figured if I am going to run the generator I might as well put it to use so I strung about 125' of extension cord to the firewood pile and plugged in the electric chain saw and cut up a pile of fire wood that had been cut and stacked at double length. Now we have a pile of firewood cut to length and all it needs is splitting and stacking.

That is what I call multi tasking - running the generator at the prescribed time and also cutting up a nice pile of firewood. Two jobs done at once.


Michael vasquez said...

A wise man said. He who cuts his own wood heats himself twice how long do you let your generator run?

Bruce said...

Usually about 15-20 minutes but today a little over an hour as I wanted to burn some gas and also wanted to cut firewood on such a nice day.
that wise man was absolutely right too as I worked up a sweat with the wind chill hovering around 22-23 degrees. Felt good!!!!