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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fight Or Flight

Last night when I let the dogs out at dusk to go potty and there was a coyote behind the shed (about 30 yards) and Bozley either sniffed or saw it and barked as he charged the fence. The coyote was up to the challenge and gave a series of VERY loud yips in return and all three dogs immediately headed for the back door. All three German Shepherd Dogs out weigh the coyote by 40-50 pounds but the coyotes shrill yelps and barks clearly intimidated them. "Get out of the way dad, we want in". 


Michael vasquez said...

Wow what an encounter. I’m sure they gave you a scare as well

Bruce said...

Right Michael. we are used to seeing them but not so close and loud. Gives you a start initially.