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Monday, February 26, 2018


 We have been having wind that ranges from 25 mph to 55-60 mph and it drifts and sculptures the snow into interesting patterns. Here are three photos that show how the snow is drifted and beautiful.


Gypsy said...

The snow is so pretty, but the wind sounds like it would be bone chilling! Stay warm.

stratarealm said...

Hey Bruce, I see that the snow is blowing up there. Do you have to shovel your front door every so often or do you get stuck inside occasionally.

Bruce said...

Sometimes we do have to force the doors open enough to get out but not this year. The HUD report when we bought here said we would average 264" per winter but so far this year we only have received 87". Weather patterns are changing and we are getting less snow and more wind. We usually get out heavy snow in March, April and May. We do have to manually force the storm door open when it is heavy to get out to shovel.