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Thursday, March 22, 2018

No Snow

 So far this winter we only have 89" of snow so we are well below our average of 264". There are some slight chances of snow over the next few days but as the photo' depict we have a lot of bare ground. It got up to 60 degrees today so there was a lot of melting. If this keeps up it will be high wildfire risk until next winter.
 I guess if 264" per snow season is average that also could mean that next winter we could 439" to keep the average. We have a chance of snow over the next few days but it seems each time the prediction is for snow it ends up with a few flakes that melt in a few minutes. I believe I have only used the snow thrower 2-3 times this snow season. We really need snow because when the little we have melts it will be super dry.

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stratarealm said...

Hi Bruce, Amazing those pics are current. I remember being in Wyoming when a few winters were dry and then spring came with a winter blizzards. I think the Nor'easter storms are stealing all the moister from the west this year.