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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Life In The Mountains

When living in the mountains things happen. Yesterday during high winds the power went out around 1:30 PM, and has been out until just a few minutes ago. The phones also went out when the batteries that were back up support ran down. We had high winds yesterday that were toppling trees and whipping 20" plus trees around like a blade of grass in the wind.

We have been in a wildfire warning area due to high wind and dryness for the past several days and it goes for the next couple days. No way to receive a reverse 911 call if a wildfire broke out and winds that were unbelievable makes for some tense moments. Carol learned that some people had to evacuate from Alamosa due to a wildfire there. In these conditions it doesn't take much to spark a wildfire so not having power or telephone - cell phone is spotty here in the mountains - was a time for concern.

We had a new box of 8 hour candles made in Germany on hand and we got out the generator this morning to run the refrigerator and charge Carol's cell phone battery.  After running for about an hour the power came back on.  When we have these high winds like we have had for the past several days the power can go off for much longer. Some people to the east of our area were out for several weeks last year when the wind blew power poles over.  We were prepared for the long term but happy it was only out for a day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Sure hope no fires threaten you and that your power stays on.

Skip said...

Sue and I really enjoy your blog and pictures. You are very special to us.