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Monday, April 9, 2018


 We have had a spring that comes from underground and it runs all year long. We noted this year that it was not emitting more than a drip so I went down to the head of the spring to see what may have happened. The rock in the top photo was into the hole pointed end first. It also had a tree limb with a boll on it next to it seemingly holding the rock in place.
As can be seen in the above photo the spring comes forth from a hole that goes back about a foot and it is about 8" high. Once the rock was removed and the limb the water started to flow freely again. We are totally puzzled by the rock in the spring and cutting off the water flow. We are wondering if an elk may have dislodged it and it fell in there or subsequently got nudged in there by another elk. Either that or someone did it on purpose but for what purpose would be a deeper mystery.

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