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Monday, June 11, 2018

Smoky Day Today

Our area is still in the red flag warning which it has been now for several weeks. If you follow this blog and own property in or around S. Colorado there is a web site that gives relatively current information on wildfires in the country, and especially Colorado and the western states. We presently have several wildfires in our state and one in N. New Mexico where we think the smoke is coming from. That one is the Ute Park fire and the one's to our west near Durango is the 416 fire, horse park fire, and Burro fires.

We are in the highest  stage of drought - exceptional which is one stage higher than severe drought. Everything is super dry and last night the wind blew hard again and we lost power for roughly 5 hours. We are being super careful not to cause any spark and our area is strictly forbidden from having any flame outside including no smoking. Pretty scary times especially when we have the pungent odor of smoke in the air.

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