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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Photos - Various

 The photo above and below are a large tree that was leaning toward the house and had the bottom burned off. When I cut one root our friend Joe and Carol were working the come along's and it started to fall away from the house. Cut part way through the other root and it fell safely in open ground. The wildfire burned the bottom away and we got it down just in time as the rain softened the ground and we have received several good gusts of wind.

 The above tree burned off at the base and was marked for removal but it fell across the road first. I used the tractor to push it off to the side so we could get out. We have trees falling every day due to having the bottom burned off or just a small part holding them up. We have to be very careful outside as these trees are very unstable.
This little guy was out back yesterday but no sign of his mother. We hope she was around and just not seen as he doesn't appear old enough to be on his own yet. There was a bear they found after the wildfire passed that was burned so bad they had to do a humane euthanasia. We hope this little guy didn't belong to her. 

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