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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Not A Pretty Sight

I have not posted here for a few days due to a continuing intestinal problem that seems to be cycling through our fur family one at a time. This is now the third cycle and it goes from Bozley to Bozwell to Echo and starts with normal bowel movements but then goes to mushy to the squirts. Yup, that is far more information than the reader needs but we are dealing with it.

Carol is in Alamosa with stool samples for the vet (not a nice part of their job) to see if we can find out what is going on. She is also picking up the supplies the vet recommended to help calm their intestinal systems down. We  figure they picked up something while we were evacuated in the form of a bug and we need to stop this cycle.

It is hard to get a good nights sleep because when the dogs move around we get up to let them out not knowing if they are just changing position or need to go out to go to the bathroom. With three elder fur family members and two with disabilities we don't take chances.

Those motel's are handy and convenient that take dogs but they are breeding grounds for various diseases in my opinion. The floors are kept as clean as possible but we could tell there were issues in the carpet and that is where the dogs lay. Hopefully we can get a handle on this problem soon. 

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Gypsy said...

Your poor doggies - I hope things get better for them soon. My puppy shouldn't be anywhere that he can pick up parvovirus, at least until he's had his last parvo shot in about 2 weeks. I can't take him on the grass or into the dog park across the street.