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Friday, September 21, 2018

Making Life Easier

 We are always looking for ways to make life easier. My rear tractor blade broke the weld seam for the second time last spring so I ended up purchasing a new rear blade. I took the old blade apart and when I looked at the two supports I thought I could re purpose the supports. When the wildfire burned some of the fence supports and a couple of the 4 X 4's I envisioned reusing some of the salvage fence parts and the rear blade supports.
Every winter we have to walk uphill to get to the woodshed and often several times a day. Using the old parts from the rear blade and the fence salvage I was able to fashion a firewood holder that we can put just outside the back gate. No uphill trips and only half dozen feet to walk to get firewood. When the wood holder is empty we can use our sled to bring more firewood down where it will be covered with a tarp to keep it dry.
This item will mean less walking up hill to the woodshed and less shoveling to access the firewood. Life is easier...

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