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Friday, September 7, 2018

Trail Camera Photos

The young elk above is peeking around the tree looking for poachers. As is my custom in past years I don't post trail camera photos around or near hunting season. I discovered several years ago that poachers were monitoring this blog and when I posted current photos they were concentrating on our area. The problem is even more acute now that the woods have burned away and we live in a small oasis of green trees where animals would be from time to time.

We have had some close calls with hunters shooting in our area and I don't plan to be shot at again. We take extra precautions during hunting season and this year we will be more alert for poachers. It is the time of year we are outside more with our dogs and we don't want to be shot by a careless poacher. Therefore to discourage them we only post old trail camera photos so they can't use our blog site to focus their illegal poaching.

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