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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wall For Erosion

We have lived here for 21+ years and during that time the area where we park our vehicles has each spring sprung leaks and flowed out into the driveway. As a result the driveway get spongy and soft until the spring flow of water stops. The flow of water erodes away the wall area where it collapses into the driveway. I decided it was time to finally slow down the flow of water or maybe stop it all together. So we collected a large pile of flat rocks of various thicknesses and diameters and I built a stone wall to hold back the erosion and maybe the flow of water. As I gather more flat rocks in the months to come I will build the wall higher if it needs to be higher. 

The part of the wall that leaks water the most I cemented the stones in place and the other area's where it doesn't seem to leak water I simply fitted the stones together without benefit of cement. The larger stones are on the bottom and the ground leveled off to make them level. Now to wait for spring to see if it works or not. 

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