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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bear Track And Not The Donuts..

 Living remotely as we do on the side of a mountain (unofficially called bear mountain), we often encounter wild animals. This time of year after a fresh snow we see tracks and find the animals are around us but we never see them. Such was this morning when Carol took the dogs for a walk down the road. She found bear tracks a few hundred yards from the house. Yesterday I went out for a drift fence behind our wood shed and found fresh coyote tracks. 
Often the dogs will sniff the air and sometimes do a warning bark and we know something is around but won't see it. Now with snow on the ground we see tracks and wonder how we missed seeing the animal. Sometimes we get the feeling we are being watched (and are being watched) but don't see any animals. They could be behind a tree watching us or up in a tree watching us or laying on the ground watching us. We have become very used to co-existing with the wild animals.

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