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Saturday, October 27, 2018


The first year we moved here full time we went for a hike out back of our house and found some elk antlers. They have been laying outside on the ground for 21 years and I needed a hand pruner to cut off low limbs as it is hard to use a pole saw on low limbs. When I bought our 12' pole saw I bought two extra blades for it. As I was going through my shop I found one unused blade and thought if I had a handle for it I could make a pruning saw.

Then I remembered the elk antlers and thought one of them would make a good handle. So I fashioned the elk antler into a handle and it is nice and strong and I have a pruner. The blade is a $20.00 Marvin blade that is sharp as a razor and nice and strong. Now it will be much easier to trim low limbs..

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