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Saturday, October 6, 2018


It is currently 31 degrees outside and the clouds have dropped down to ground level in an inversion. This creates a real spooky atmosphere with all the dead trees left standing from the forest fire. It is also very quiet outside and we don't hear even a bird chirping.


Gypsy said...

That really does look spooky! Wouldn't want to go out walking there in the evening when it's starting to get dark!

Charlotte Boord said...

Yes, spooky, but also beautiful.

JennielynnfromMilton said...

Hi Bruce.

My heart has ached with sorrow for all that you and your wife have suffered over the past months. Though I have not written to tell you, know that I have held you and Carol and dogs in my heart. After all you have endured, it is amazing and wonderful to hear you sounding like your old self. It goes to show what amazing people you and your dear wife are. Take care, dear friend.