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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Premiere Intelligence

This is Bozwell, 11 1/2 years old and perhaps the smartest fur family member we have ever had. He will study us and what is happening around him and react accordingly. He has the ability to study, evaluate and act properly on what he has discerned. I used to think that our prior dog Ben (also a German Shepherd) was intelligent but I believe Bozwell's intelligence parallels Ben's.

When we lived in Pennsylvania we were in a small community of 101 close density homes on top of a hill. There was a small strip mall at the bottom of the hill and the Pizza Hut drivers would use an alley to leave and deliver their pizzas. We would have to cross that alley to get home from our walk so I trained Ben his left and his right so he would look both ways on command before we would cross the alley. Even after we moved to the mountains I would tell him to look left or right he would do so.

I also taught him to look at the clock and tell time and when I would tell him I was going to the dentist he would always inspect my teeth when I returned. Bozwell is equally as intelligent as Ben was but he prefers to study us and figure things out for himself. In addition to having canine family with all their normal instincts it is a double reward to have them super intelligent to boot.

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