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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Yesterday started like any other day and since it was a blinding blue sky and nice weather I decided to head into Alamosa to do some grocery shopping. As I was leaving Walmart I bumped into someone who I had not seen in years and we stood out in front of Walmart catching up on our lives. If that wasn't a totally pleasant surprise my next stop was to get a turn signal lens replaced at Car Care Auto Repair.
Going into Car Care is much like it was going into a barber shop of years ago where folks would sit and talk to each other. The guys that run Car Care are friendly and time passes fast because the employees and customers converse about what ever the topic might be for the day. Yesterday it was about bad knees, climbing ladders and installing rain gutters. How sometimes it is better to pay to have it done than struggling to do it yourself.
What a unexpectedly pleasant trip into town yesterday was. Small town life is good.

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