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Friday, July 26, 2019

LaPuente Rides Again

 LaPuente came with volunteers from Monument CO and they lugged, strained, pulled, dragged and rolled a full load of fire wood for those in the valley who can neither get it for themselves or afford it. It is so nice to see all that wood that would otherwise go to waste or rot leave for people who will really appreciate it.
 It is also rewarding to see  people drive down to our area and donate their valuable time to work to provide firewood for people they have never met nor may never meet. What an honor it is for us to meet new people who have a heart of giving of themselves. LaPuente brought another volunteer in yesterday and cut the trees, de-limbing them and cutting them up.
 We are in a special vantage point because we get to see the good hearted volunteers.When I was very young I remember one admonishment from my mother. It was that like it or not I would be judged by others from the company I keep so, choose wisely.  LaPuente attracts some very nice people and make that admonishment from my mom those many years ago still applicable today..
 The last two photos show the rest time and picnic of those hard working volunteers. What an honor to have them visit, work hard all for people they don't know.

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Gypsy said...

What an uplifting post! If only more people in the country worked together to help others, it would be a much better place.