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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Senior Dogs

We are limited to 1000 words in our blogs for Mother Earth News so often I don't get to include all the items  I would like to unless I make it a two part blog. When I do that I sometimes have to use filler which makes the blog drag.
One of the benefits of adopting an older dog in addition to all the reasons I put in my Mother Earth News blog is that they go out of their way to please you. Because they generally know they are old and were passed over they are super sensitive to your every move and try so hard to please. Probably for fear of ending up in the shelter again. It is therefore important if any discipline is needed that it be done gently and not roughly or loud and angry.
Also, they will trust you long before you trust them so that aspect needs to be handled carefully. they sometimes have medical needs and those need to be addressed quickly so they are not in discomfort which makes adjustment to their new environment much harder.
These are the things I would have added to the article if I had the room. Give an older dog a chance because you won't be disappointed - they will turn themselves inside out to please you given the chance.

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JO said...

Thank you for answering my questions on the collar. And wishing her a speedy recovery. Glad that you adopted her in her senior years to be loved.