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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mountain Weather

It has been getting cool at night and I saw a post from a friend in Boulder, CO that from this point on statistics show that from here forward that it will get consistently cooler each night until winter arrives. It has been getting down to 50 - 55 degrees each night which makes for great sleeping conditions. The wind has been 2 - 7 MPH, which is a nice breeze. It gets up to 78-80 degrees during the daytime but with the breeze it is very comfortable.
So far we have all the indicators that we will experience an early winter so we are taking full advantage of the ideal weather now. We are getting late afternoon showers which cool it off nicely and make for great sleeping weather. During the day it is great weather to work or play outside. We try to ignore the fact that soon we will be shoveling snow and just enjoy this great weather we have presently.

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