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Friday, September 6, 2019

Just Think

Yesterday we had 996 visitors to our blog site and if just half of those who visited are qualified to adopt a dog and did so then 498 dogs would not be in a shelter today. Because of our age we adopt senior dogs and it is difficult to fully describe the happiness they bring to our home.
I guess the question to be asked is: if I adopted a dog would they be better off with me than in a shelter and could I support a dog?
We just had a friend adopt a dog that was in the shelter for 9 months and what she describes is the pure joy by the dog and how great it is to have a loyal/loving companion.
Just something to think about,,,,,,,,

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Gypsy said...

The shepherd in your photo is a gorgeous dog. I got a black labrador retriever about a year ago as a puppy, from a breeder. All my past dogs have come from the shelter, but somehow I had the idea that if I need an assistance dog in my near future I would be able to have the lab trained more easily. Of course, at 16 months a lab is still a puppy and will be a puppy for a while longer. I'm not sure I'll live long enough to wait for him to mature, but in the meantime I am absolutely blown away at his love for life. He has more spirit than I've ever known in a dog.