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Monday, September 30, 2019

We Must Be Living Right

The crew was laying fiber optic cable to our house today and while we were on the other side of the house we heard a crash and couldn't tell what it was. A large tree on the other side of the house had fallen in the wind and if it was 30 minutes earlier it would have possibly fallen on their equipment. The telephone crew jumped out of their truck, borrowed my chain saw and had that tree cut into firewood length in no time. They will come back later this week and carry it off to use for themselves for fire wood. Talk about blessing...these guys had the tree cut up, limbs tossed aside and piled up in no time - all on their lunch hour. The tree missed hitting the well head by about two feet and about 8' from crushing the jeep. The tree was about 22" in diameter.

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JennielynnfromMilton said...

Oh my goodness, Bruce and Carol,You both ARE living right, I have no doubt. How very fortunate that the tree fell without doing damage. I am sure those workmen told that story over and over again.

As always, I look forward to your posts and always wish you well.