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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Outdoor Cook Stove

Been hankering for a cowboy breakfast but the deep snow between me and the outdoor cook stove was daunting. The snow thrower dumps the snow in this area and it is packed down and very heavy. Finally the desire for a cowboy breakfast over powered the extensive work to get to the cook stove. Another day or two of shoveling and I should be able to get the stove going to cook easy over eggs, my special country potatoes and fried spam plus monkey bread.
Today it was 55 degrees out so it was perfect to do some heavy duty shoveling but now the weather forecast is for snow the rest of the week and negative number temperatures. At least the heavy snow is out of the way and moving light snow will be easier so breakfast will be on once the weather permits.
This is not a black and white photo but there is no color except the deep snow and black tree trunks.

1 comment:

Henrietta H. said...

That is totally amazing! I can hardly believe that amount of snow up there.