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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Horizons:


Sometimes in life things don't always work out as planned. This move to NC is one of those times. I will continue this blog from NC and it will just be from another mountain. When I realistically looked at our situation it reluctantly became clear that there was no other choice but to move where we would be closer to family and medical care. I have gone to the Emergency Room twice over the past 6 weeks and that long drive was a brutal one. 

It is time to trade that 1 hour 20 minute ride for 10 minutes. The second trip to the ER really laid me low and the pain was terrible. I look around here and see all we have accomplished in the past 26+ years and I will miss it. The animals and birds have come to know us and trust us and I will miss them. Everything here is familiar to me and I will have to learn in my new surroundings all over again. 

We will forge on and do what is necessary but whoever buys our home in the woods will actually be buying a more healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Our home is comfortable but the real purchase will be the lifestyle. That is something that you can't simply put a price on because it is priceless.   


Anonymous said...

We have also thought about what would happen to the birds and deer who trust us. The feeders we put out. The plants we have put in over the years...the daffodils planted after my mother's funeral, the bushes my in-laws bought us after we bought our house, the dogwood outside our dining room window... - SG

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you’ll be continuing the blog! Leaving the place you have invested so much of the heart and soul in is a tough one. My husband and I sold our farm on a remote mountain in WA state several years ago. We still miss it daily. We have no family nearby, so felt the need as we grow older to “downsize” and move into a neighborhood. We found ourselves living amongst people so NOT like-minded it was devastating. After 5 years of that we moved AGAIN this year and though we’re still closer to medical and shopping conveniences-as we should be at this phase of our lives-we are now back on a quiet 15 acre wooded property, more like the old farm. Both mentally and physically we feel the relief of getting back to a place that feels like home! I’m happy that you are able to move to another cabin in the woods…sort of familiar digs! I’m sure you and your wife will be a gift to the wildlife there. Here’s hoping your move is uneventful and easy as it can be, your health returns to a balanced and steady rhythm, and your heart feels at home again quickly! KMJ

stratarealm said...

I am glad you will continue your blog. Yet I am sorry to see you go from Forbes Park but your move makes sense. Your blog has had a huge influence on me with my knowledge of FP and mountain living. God speed with your new journey. Tom